• Allied Health: Medical Indemnity Insurance

    Medical Professionals protect yourself against the financial strain of litigation. It covers your legal liability to compensate your patients for losses caused by a breach of professional duty or negligence in the performance of your professional services.

  • Protect Your Architecture Business, Protect Your Career.

    Get protection against a wide range of Architecture business scenarios, from errors and omissions to defamation and intellectual property infringement.

  • Get A Quote Today For Accounting Professional indemnity

    Accounting Professional indemnity generally covers legal liability for claims arising out of an actual or alleged breach of your professional duty, unlike public liability insurance, the claim types are not normally defined in the insuring clauses of the policy and therefore can include personal injury, property damage or financial loss.

  • Protect Your Property Career, Protect Your Reputation.

    Property Professionals are experts in their field, but even the best are exposed to unforeseen risks.

  • Management consultants help organisations to improve their performance, but sometimes occasional adversities are inevitable.

    Operating primarily through the analysis of existing organisational problems to come up with plans for improvement, it would be wise to indemnify yourself in the event of any wrong decisions.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Regulation – Legal Requirement

Professions such as Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Financial Advisers, Lawyers and Insurance Brokers are lawfully required to have Professional Indemnity cover in place.

Reputation Protection

If you are a professional, your reputation is everything and maintaining this reputation is critical. In the event of a claim, our claims team will conduct the claim process efficiently and discreetly to safeguard your prestigious reputation.

Contractual Obligations

Due to globalisation, besides offering to business organisations abroad (particularly those in the US, Europe, Uk and Australasia), proficient specialists in Southeast Asia and China are progressively subjected to having proficient risk protection as one of the essential prerequisites to be insured.

Customer Protection

Professional liability protection aims to relieve the financial risks that expert specialist organisations are exposed to. This limits the amount of compensation in times of misfortune and provides a peace of mind which empowers the expert to center around what is important instead – satisfying their customers needs.

Financial Protection

A single legal claim can destroy a business gradually since prosecution can be costly, tedious and asset expending. Capstone’s professional liability protection will give you the assurance needed when faced with such claims.

Litigation Environment

The expanding monetary interdependency and culture blend between the East and the West is increasing the level of mindfulness amongst professionals in various industries. The quickly heightening number and size of expert risk claims show the volatile condition in Southeast Asia and China.

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    Who is professional indemnity for?

    We have Professional Liability protection arrangements that address the exposures looked by experts in an assortment of ventures. We cover callings like:

    Balancing of accounts where a mistake might mean a loss of income from stakeholders and shareholders. Accountants or company secretaries need professional indemnity insurance in the event of a mistake.

    Medical line has seen one of the highest adoption rate of indemnity insurance due to lives being at stake. Some of the following job descriptions are as follows: Doctors, surgeons, nutritionist, optometrists, pharmacists, and chiropractors, therapists for various lines and acupuncture therapist.

    Architects/Interior Designers/Surveyors
    Protect yourself from loss or financial burden due to legal action from any unforeseen mistakes.

    Management Consultancy Firms
    Management of large assets or of high value? protect yourself for high costly legal battles.

    Medical Malpractice
    especially important for medical practicitioners, Protect yourself from any accidental negligent act or omission.

    Property Managers
    Liability cases for property mismanagement is no joking matter. Liabilities can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Secure your footing with an insurance that can give you the peace of mind.

    Teaching Organisations
    Coverage against allegations such as making critical mistakes. Even from small things like spoiling your client’s laptop to legal actions due to mismanagement.

    Travel Agency
    Whether is it your vehicle causing an accident, cancellation of tours or worker compensation. Cover your agency and run with a peace of mind.

    If you are interested in coverage for professions not listed here, contact us for more information.

    How Does Professional Indemnity Insurance Works?

    Professional Indemnity Insurance covers the legal costs and damages incurred during the course of ongoing claims made by your client, who seeks to recover monetary damages suffered through the engagement of your professional services.

    These services include provision of advice, consultancy and design.

    General claims of Professional Indemnity Insurance are:

    1. Negligence – Allowing a negligent act to happen when providing professional advice, resulting in your client incurring monetary damages.
    2. Misrepresentation – Presenting incomplete or untrue facts, resulting in your client incurring monetary damages based on your misrepresented advice.
    3. Infringement of copyrights – Breaching the copyright of your clients/third parties in your professional services.
    4. Breach of confidentiality – Releasing information about your client without their consent.

    It is important to note that criminal prosecution does not fall udner a Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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