Professional Indemnity is a core item that any company should undertake before beginning operation. In Simple terms, here is a complete brief on what a Professional Indemnity is for.

– To protect a company and its employees against claims for professional negligence

-To compensate third parties for injury, property damage or financial loss-

– To provide indemnity against breach of professional duty in the conduct of their profession

Protection against these types of Claims

– Legal liability arising out of negligent act, error or omission

-Wrongful or inadequate advice to a client or third party

-Acting without proper instructions or failure to act in accordance with the client’s instructions

Types of Cases that might be application for Professional Indemnity cases

Case 1 (Realtors )

  • Misrepresentation for structural features of the property.
  • False or misleading advertising.

Case 2 (Accountants) 

  • Incorrect tax advice to client who later got fined IRA.

Case 3 (Lawyer )

  • Error in conveyancing.
  • Failure to secure patents or protect Intellectual Property.

Case 4 (Engineer)

  • Inferior design of building resulted in building collapse (e.g. Nicoll Highway)

Case 5 (Surveyor)

  • Underestimating the amount of concrete required.

Case 6 (Managers)

  • Unable to meet deadline of project, resulting in cancellation of project and/or delay in Event commencement of event.

What Do I need to get Started?

  1. Duly completed Proposal Form — signed, stamped and current-dated.
  2. Type of Profession (i.e. Professional Services) with breakdown (if applicable)
  3. Professional Fees
  4. Professional Services brochure (if applicable)
  5. Claims History (if any)

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